Anyone can take a picture with a camera, so we strive to be different. We frame our shot with an alternative perspective.

Outstanding photographs are created by being in the right place at the right time, and we value these opportunities. We conceptualize and try to freeze the right second, so we can capture the best picture to remember the moment by.

Sharing here, what we’ve collected in pixels, is a pleasure - most especially when the image captivates you.

Welcome! - Please browse and enjoy the site.

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All our photos are copyrighted. Unauthorized use and/or alteration is prohibited.
Any watermark on images are removed before printing.

We show only a few of our photographs for online viewing. Please contact us about other images we might have or if you seek permission for reproducing any of our work in any media or if we can provide photograph enhancements for a particular image.

Thank you!

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Mossdale Landing: San Joaquin River Railroad Crossing

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